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Reliability, safety, high quality and efficiency – these are basic principles, which form foundation for the complex of FORATEC services and solutions.

When constructing and modernizing objects of railway automations and telemechanics FORATEC offers services, which cover the hole life cycle of delivered devices and systems.
  Due to use of innovative techniques, long-term cooperation with Siemens and experience, FORATEC can offer a wide range of devices, systems and services necessary for modernization of railway automations, communication and telemechanics devices, power-supply systems, for setting up automatic process control systems and computer-aided design systems.   Products developed by FORATEC meet up-to-date requirements, the products can be easily adjust to the conditions of a specific control zone at the design stage and at the operational stage when modified.

FORATEC possesses all required normative documents and provides support of its devices and systems during their life cycle.


Due to their high-level skills the specialists of FORATEC in case of need can carry out an analysis and develop optimal engineering solutions for modernization of the existing devices and systems of railway automations and telemechanics and construction of the new devices and systems of this type on main lines and on railways of industrial enterprises.

Technical Support and Setting into Operation

Realizing the turnkey projects FORATEC performs integrated delivery of equipment and sets it into operation according to the design specification.
During 3 years period of warranty FORATEC performs a technical support of the implemented systems and devices. We offer the post-warranty service of design supervision and support.

Our service center provides support in monitoring and consultations on the operation of the systems.

Details: Service centre; Complex Delivery of Equipment.

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