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FORATEC in cooperation with Siemens have developed the computer-based interlocking system for points and signals MPTs-MZ-F for the optimization of the transportation control at railway stations. This interlocking system is allowed for the constant operation and recommended for the serial implementations on Russian railways.

The system is a hardware and software complex providing the following:
  • Remote control of points and signals
  • Monitoring of technical equipment used in control process
  • Generating of protocols with information about the devices` operation (states and events)
  • Output of operational information, information from archives and referenced data for an assistant station master

MPTs-MZ-F makes it possible to organize the remote control of adjoining stations.

Besides the system provides the possibility to use axle counters for vacancy/occupancy detection of tracks, track sections.

There are two variants of interface for the control of points and signals:
  • Relay interface (with contacts)
  • Non-contact (electronic) interface

MPTs-MZ-F combines effectively a hardware part designed on the basis of the control computer ECC of Siemens, and an application software part developed by specialists of the domestic company FORATEC. It allows to realize a high quality flexible system for control of transportation on railways.

The Russian development company can promptly respond to specifications alteration by customers. The used trackside equipment is of standard type, it doesn’t require any alteration and updating.

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